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Blue skies almost all year round, the blue stones in the famous milk grotto, and warm hospitality. What better colour to represent Bethlehem than with these summer blues? 

The keffiyeh used for these masks come from the original Hirbawi Textile Factory in Hebron, the only remaining keffiyeh factory in Palestine. The traditional keffiyeh is black and white, and these have been modernised by the Hirbawi family using multiple colours to celebrate this iconic Palestinian pattern. Each mask is unique as it comes from an original Keffiyeh scarf so may vary slightly.

Product Details:

  • 100% breathable cotton
  • Transmits moisture away from the body
  • 2 cotton layers plus the keffiyeh layer 
  • Wash mask often and/or steam iron for 15 seconds to sanitize
  • Made in Palestine

Delivery time: Please allow for up to 2 weeks for delivery 

For United States Orders: You can purchase your masks directly from our partners at keffiyehmasks.com and use promo code GALILEE20 at checkout to support us.